Object-based video coding (joint research with NTT)
Animation image coding (joint research with NTT)
3D-shape extraction/reconstruction from images
Media distribution by decoder downloading system (joint research with NTT)
Automatic ROI extraction from bitstream (joint research with Toppan)
Multi-output video coding for Digital Cinema (joint research with TAO/NICT)
3D video synthesis from 2D video
Distributed computing for video coding
Adaptive localized/personal meta-data scheme
Application level multicast (joint research with TAO)
Cartoon image vectorization
Graceful ROI assignment for JPEG2000
Metadata watermarking for video editing (joint research with BNTL)
Efficient mode Selection for H.264/AVC
Low delay HDTV coding using motion JPEG2000 (joint research with KDDI)
Comic image metadata extraction (joint research with KDDI)
Next generation mobile video coding (joint research with KDDI)