We are interested in

1. Image Recognition

2. Deep Learning

3. Omni-directional Video Processing

4. SLAM, PTAM and SfM

5. Modeling, Optimization

6. Special Projects (*blue: Joint Research with others)

  • Video Coding + Super-Resolution Project  (Umeda, Gong, Hori)
  • Educational Engineering + Machine Learning Project (Matsuda, Liu, Kyogoku, Kobayashi)
  • Drone + Defect Detection Project (Yamanoi)
  • Surveillance + Edge-Cloud Machine Learning Project (Wang, Hu, Okuno)
  • Comic Recognition Project (Yanagisawa, Jain, Yamashita, Kyogoku)
  • Golf Performance Analysis Project (Kato)
  • ECU Joint Research Project (Asami)
  • Image, Video GAN Project (Matsuda, Liu, Marusaki, Oyama, Shen, Hsu)
  • Audio GAN Project (Song, Moussa, Gao, Zhao)
  • Pose Estimation Project (Htwe, Inada, Osawa, Yamakawa, Fujimori)
  • Omni-Slam Project (Akatsuka, Kato, Yamanoi)
  • Landcover Detection Project (Thwal)
  • Super-Resolution Project (Yano)

Past research topics